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Villa cornaro

Villa Cornaro is located in Saint Stefano of Zimella, between Vicenza and Verona, and is bound by the Superintendency of the Italian Ministry of Architectural, Cultural and Landscape Heritage. The structure is of the sixteenth century and is placed on a land of about 12000 square meters and the access is an avenue of 250 meters.

Villa Cornaro is mentioned in 1620 and 1671’s documents as property of the Alvise Giacomo Cornaro’s family, wealthy Venetian landowners. Jewellery of the villa is the beautiful frescoed ceiling made by a student of Giambattista Tiepolo. In the facade facing the brolo, the inner garden, to the south, has been built a swimming pool where it is possible to relax in the more warmer seasons.

Hundreds of events have already taken place in the Villa: exciting weddings, including civil ceremony on the spot, graduation parties, congresses and business conventions, contemporary art exhibitions and sector fairs weekends. Today, with the new suites it is possible to integrate the various activities by offering services that only a few structures of this kind are able to do.

From the complete set-up of the furnishings, to the refined details of the decorations, from the menu proposal to the organization of the most beautiful party.

our Team

The Villa Cornaro Team is the point of reference for all components of the event; the wedding planner Stefania is available and will take care of proposing and implementing every solution to make your event perfect, you will be advised on the best services of: floral setup and decorations, guest reception, civil ceremonies, photo shoot and wedding album, videomaker, live music, transportation of the couple and guests are just some of the services you will have at your disposal.

Equipment and complete service

Spaces and capacity

Villa Cornaro, a refined seventeenth-century villa, as a wedding location, is modeled on your needs. The enchanting internal halls have the capacity to hold medium and even large-sized weddings. One surprise calls for another.

The more intimate rooms are suitable for moments such as an aperitif or the reception of special guests; the long entrance avenue connected to the park with a shaded area and swimming pool for outdoor moments. The central part of the villa dates back to the second half of the sixteenth century, with a passing hall with a Sansovino-style ceiling, almost square in shape, while the expansion of the two lateral wings and the mezzanine seems to date back to the second half of the eighteenth century. The right side should even date back to the early nineteenth century. Certain historical information cited in archive documents bears the date of 1661 and attributes ownership to the brothers Alvise and Giacomo Cornaro, wealthy noble Venetian landowners. It was a representative villa as well as a noble summer holiday residence and was probably equipped with an adjacent chapel of which there are no longer any traces other than drawings on historical documents.

What remains of the place of worship is now a room on the ground floor with a ceiling frescoed by an unknown painter from the school of Tiepolo, with the image of the Eternal Creator Father with a white beard in the sky among the clouds, with open arms, a red robe and the blue mantle in the act of producing the Sun and Moon, enclosed within rounded brown/soil colored architectural structures.